Meet the creator of  Mary Alice



I love baking, and baking for me has always proven to be something that bridges the gap between passion and purpose. I started the baking journey in 2010, and opened my first storefront in 2011 called Sweet by Design in Jackson TN. Through the years I have always returned to baking, from the sales of cupcakes, cupcake jars, and seasonal cakes, and even the creation of a baking subscription box called "Sis BAKE!". I have always believed in creating opportunities, and Mary Alice is yet another opportunity to create a legacy and show others that we are far capable of more than we think, even when it seems the cards are stacked against you. 

2019 was the absolute worst year of my life, I lost ev- er-y-thing, but it allowed me time to develop a concept and idea with a much bigger purpose and impact.  I didn't want to push cupcakes or cakes in a jar anymore, I wanted to create a sustainable product and go in the marketplace and compete with the industry's heavy hitters that have taken up valuable real estate in the baking aisles of grocery stores for years. I decided I would create a product that was not only sustainable, but competitive, and rivaled the competition, giving customers an opportunity to experience quality on a different level, keeping in mind what they want, and that is "homemade convenience".  

My Inspiration

I grew up in a family of exceptional cooks and bakers, and family time has always been important to us. We never had a family meal without desserts. My great, great aunt Mary Alice Sain was the matriarch of our family and was well known for her baking, I even used some of her recipes in my bakery. She was a kind, gentle soul, and opened her home and kitchen to so many. This is a tribute of love to her.



A dream realized

And now Mary Alice is a dream realized.  We worked for months perfecting our formula, created from my personal recipe, taste-testing, and making sure our cake mix had the right texture and flavor. Is not only to create a boutique, luxury product, ut we are going to change the face of the cake mix industry and make history in the process!


This is for the culture, this is for my family, this is for wealth-creation, and this is for the future!!!

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"Every order placed on this site makes history and helps us create change. We can't do this without you"