Mary Alice Cakes was created by Marla Pruitte, a former professional baker and bakery owner who understands what homemade tastes like and believes you do not have to sacrifice taste for convenience. Mary Alice  is "Homemade Convenience."

Inspired by great, great Aunt Mary Alice Sain who was well-known for her baking throughout the family and community, Mary Alice pays homage to a legacy of baking with love and excellence!

Mary Alice's mission is to diversify the cake mix industry and create space for new brands that are currently under-represented.

Mary Alice Cakes flagship PERFECT White cake mix has all the flavor of your traditional birthday or wedding cake, without having to adjust for that bakery taste. This means there is no need to add extracts or flavoring to make your white cake taste like it came from the bakery!

Mary Alice™ is...

100% Woman-Owned

100% Committed to Quality


Mary Alice Cakes LLC
6600 Sugarloaf Parkway, Suite 400, #360
Duluth, GA 30097

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